Vendredi 30 mai 2014, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense Bâtiment V

9h00-9h30 (salle R14 Rdc du bâtiment V - R14 ground floor) : Accueil des participants  /  Welcoming our participants

Amphi V

9h30-10h30: Allocution liminaire 1 / Keynote speaker 1: Thomas Sugrue (University of Pennsylvania)

10h30-12h30 (Ateliers parallèles / Parallel sessions )

Session 1: Immigration and Labor  
(Amphi V)

Discutant: Pierre Guerlain (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre)

Mathieu Bonzom (Université d’Orléans), “The Risks of “Secure Communities”: Immigrant and US-Born Latinos Mobilizing to Reclaim Public Space”

Olivier Esteves (Université Lille 3), Babylon by Bus?': Desegregating schools and the  busing experiments in England in the 1960s and 1970s”

Hilary Sanders (Université Paris 7/URMIS), “The Origins and Evolution of Urban Policies of Sanctuary in the United States: Undocumented Immigrants’ Right to the City”

Sébastien Chauvin (University of Amsterdam), “The Worker Center and its Specters: Community Organizing and the Fight for Precarious Workers in 21st Century Chicago”

Session 2: Culture and the City
(salle R13 Rdc du bâtiment V - R13 ground floor)

Discutant: Renaud Le Goix (Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne)

Jasmine Mahmoud (Northwestern University), “Right to the Artistic City: Austerity, Geography and Culture in Chicago’s early 21st century”
Sarah Legros (Université Paris Sorbonne), "The Black Arts Movement in Chicago: African-American Artists and the Right to the City, 1967-1975"

Andrzej Zieleniec (University of Keele), “The Right to Write the City: Lefèbvre and Graffiti”

12h30-13h45: Buffet traiteur  / Lunch (Salle R14 Rdc bâtiment V - R14 ground floor)

Après-midi : Université Paris Ouest Nanterre
Amphi V


Session 3: Controlling the Margins

Discutant: Cornelius Crowley (Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre)

 Ala Sirriyeh (Keele University), Nathan Manning (University of York), Anna Barker (University of Bradford), “The Great Meeting Place: Bradford’s City Park and Inclusive Urban Regeneration”

Emma Jackson (University of Glasgow), “Young Homeless People, Contemporary Urban Spaces of Homelessness and the “Right to the City”

Kirsteen Paton (University of Leeds), “Understanding Gentrification Past, Present and Future: An Exploration of Geography, History and the Everyday”

16h00-16h15: Pause café (salle R14 Rdc du bâtiment V - R14 ground floor)

Amphi V

Session 4: The Corporate Agenda

Discutant: Sherry Linkon (Youngstown State University)

Sandrine Baudry (INRA), “Creating the Commons or Sustaining Neoliberal Urbanism: The Ambiguities of the Right to the City”

Thomas Jessen Adams (University of Sydney), “The Ends of Resistance: New Orleans, Katrina, and the Neoliberal Incorporation of Dissent”

John Russo (Virginia Tech) and James Rhodes (U. Manchester), “A Renaissance for Whom: Youngstown 2010 and its Neighborhoods” 

David Huyssen (Yale University), “Taproot Labor Politics: Beating Back Austerity in a U.S. University-Hospital City”

18h15-19h00 Présentation de son film par Emily Hong (Cornell University): « Get By »
Get By follows two recycling workers, Stanley McPherson and Milton Webb, as they bring their struggle for a living wage to the legislature, media, and the streets of Ithaca, New York. An ethnographic exploration of precarity, worker-community solidarity and urban democracy, the film raises key questions about the public value of increasingly privatized work, and the challenges of organizing across divides of race and class.

19h00-20h00 Cocktail (salle R14 Rdc du bâtiment V - R14 ground floor)

Samedi 31 mai 2014, Université Paris-Sorbonne Maison de la Recherche
9h00-9h15 : Accueil / Welcome 
(salle 035)

9h15-10h15 : Allocution liminaire 2 / Keynote speaker 2: Michael Keith (Oxford University)

10h15-12h15 (Ateliers parallèles / Parallel sessions)

Session 5: Mobilizations
salle / room 035

Disctutant : Elizabeth Koechlin (Université Paris-Sorbonne) et Marine Dassé (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre)

Nicolas Duvoux (Paris-Descartes), "Zipcode Matters: How Philanthropy tackles Urban Inequalities in Boston?"

Todd Wolfson (Rutgers University), “Movements Begin with the Telling of Untold Stories”: The Role of Media in Building a Movement for the City”

Barbara Lipietz (UCL) et Martine Drozdz (Lyon 2), "The ambiguous allure of the 'Right to the City': Reflections from London"

Jean-Baptiste Velut (Paris 3) et Guillaume Marche (Paris Est Créteil), “All Contentious Politics is Local: Forgotten Stories of the Occupy Movement in Oakland and Atlanta”

Session 6: Contested Spaces   
(salle / room 040)

Discutant : Cynthia Ghorra-Gobin (CREDA/CNRS)

Alasdair Jones (LSE), “Whose Right is it Anyway? Masterplanning, Skateboarding, and the Contestation of the Right to the City on the South Bank of the Thames”

Elsa Devienne (EHESS), “The “Right to the Beach”? Los Angeles Beaches and the Fight for Public Space”

Kafui Attoh (CUNY), and Lynn Staeheli (Durham University), “Splish Splash they Saved the Baths! Community Cohesion, the Public, and Levenshulme's "Save the Baths" Campaign

12h15-13h45: Buffet traiteur Maison de la Recherche / Lunch at Université Paris Sorbonne Maison de la Recherche


Session 7: Detroit in Focus
(salle / room 035)

Discutant: Robert Self (Brown University)

Scott Kurashige (University of Michigan), “Beyond Bankruptcy: Community Building and Radical Activism in Detroit”

Lester K. Spence (Johns Hopkins University), “The City is the Black Man’s Land”

Steve Faigenbaum (Director, TS Productions Paris), presentation of his film “City of Dreams, Detroit an American story”

15h45-16h00 Pause café


Session 8: New Histories
(salle / room 035)

Discutant(s): Georgo Katito (Université Paris Sorbonne)

Timothy Stewart-Winter (Rutgers University), “Sexual Politics and Inequality”

Michael Foley (University of Groningen), “Quality of Life Campaigns: Struggles to Reclaim American Cities in the Age of Reagan”

Dara Orenstein (George Washington University), “The Right to the Zone”

20h00: Dîner au restaurant “Le Café Tournon” / Dinner at "Le Café Tournon"